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Other Committee


MD Committee
1 Managing Director Chairman
2 Jt. General Manager (Finance) Member
3 HoD (Recovery Department) Member
4 HoD (IBDD & RMD) Member
5 HoD (Finance Department) Member
6 HoD (Legal Documentation) Member
7 HoD (Legal Suit) Member

Default-Cum-Disposal Advisory Committee (DDAC)
1 CMD / MD, OSFC Chairman
2 CMD / MD, IPICOL or his nominee Member
3 CMD, IDCO or his nominee Member
4 Commissioner-cum-Director of Industries, Orissa or his nominee Member
5 Representative from Industries Department, Government of Orissa. Member

One Time Settlement Advisory Committee (OTSAC)
1 HOD, Recovery Department Member
2 HOD, FAD Member
3 HOD, Suit Division Member
4 HOD, Credit Operation Division Member
5 HOD, HRD Member
6 DGM/BM of the concerned Branch  Member Convenor.
  Senior most member of the Committee present shall be the Chairman.

Branch Level One Time Settlement Advisory Committee (BLOTSAC)
  Branch Manager Chairman
  Senior most  Officer of the Branch Member- convenor
  Senior most Assistant of the Branch Member
  BM of the concerned Branch may co-opt any other officer/Assistant as & when required.

Internal Committees
Three internal committees are functioning to look after various activities of the Corporation. The scope of each committee is also devised.
Finance Committee Recovery Committee HR Committee
Jt. General Manager (FAD) Jt. General Manager, FAD Jt. General Manager, IAD
HoD, BDD & RMD HoD, Recovery Member Convenor. Jt. General Manager, FAD
HoD, APD HoD, BDD & RMD HoD, Planning & MIS
HoD, Suit Division HoD, Planning & MIS HoD, Documentation Division or HoD, Suit Division
Manager/Dy. Manager, IAD HoD, Suit Division Dy. Manager (HRD) Member Convenor
HoD, FAD - Member-convenor BM, Cuttack Branch (Special Invitee)  
Quorum shall be 4 members present. Senior most member present shall preside over the meeting.

Obligation of Public Authority to declare and publish the documents which are not accessible to the public under the RTI Act-2005.
Sl No Name of the Body Whether meetings are open and minutes are accessible to public
Statutory body & Committees
1 Board of OSFC(Constituted u/s 10 of SFCs Act,1951) No
2 Executive Committee (Constituted u/s 18 of SFCs Act,1951) No
Advisory Committees
1 Default-cum-Disposal Advisory Committee(DDAC) No
2 Branch Level Disposal Committee (BLDC) No
3 Audit Committee No
4 One Time settlement Advisory Committee (OTSAC) No
5 Branch Level One Time Settlement Advisory Committee (BLOTSAC) No
Internal Committees
1 Finance Committee   No
2 HR  Committee No
3 Recovery  Committee No
4 Default Review Committee No
The Board further authorized the Managing Director to take appropriate action as and when required for implementation of the RTI Act.
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